Behavioral-based protection

What is behavior-based Protection?

Behavior-based protection is one of the latest trends in cybersecurity. It focuses on using heuristics to detect anomalies and, stop cyber threats before they can do immense damage to your systems. It is different from traditional antivirus solutions, as it takes on a more proactive approach to threat hunting.

Using its machine learning algorithms, behavior-based antivirus solutions monitor the actions of users, programs, and applications on your network. If any discrepancies or abnormalities are found, the system will then automatically block or quarantine that potential threat. Afterwhich, further investigations can be conducted to determine whether the suspicious actor is indeed harmful or benign.

Behavior-based detection software is best suited in the fight against unknown threats. This is something signature-based solutions cannot do. Hence, it’s one of the main reasons why it is growing in popularity when it comes to protecting businesses against zero-day attacks.

There is an undeniable spike in new and modified threats in the world we live in today. And, being able to defend your systems on the fly is essential.  No longer can you afford to sit back and wait for an update to a threat catalog. Instead, it is more convenient to look out for abnormal behavior – the one thing that is a constant in the world of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Behavior-based security or antivirus is a game-changing solution to have in your cybersecurity arsenal. An example of this is the SentinelOne endpoint security platform. The autonomous endpoint security solution uses behavioral Artificial Intelligence coupled with machine learning, to monitor and protect user devices and ultimately your business in real-time. All the time.

If you want to become more proactive and future-proof your defense, behavior-based security may be the right choice for you.


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