Data Privacy

Who is a data controller

What Is a Data Controller?

Data privacy, data protection, and data security are topical issues in 2023, as we move closer to the full enactment of Jamaica’s Data Protection Act (DPA). As organizations continue to collect and process personal data, it’s important that fully understand

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How to spot an Email Phishing Attack

3 Things to look out for in a phishing email

Email phishing is a common tactic used by cybercriminals to obtain confidential/ sensitive information from users or to launch further attacks including ransomware. Given this, it is important for employees to be trained on email security to identify this type

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Your Email Could Be at Risk: Part 1

Hackers Don’t Sleep. If you are running an Exchange server on-premises or even if you lack certain email security capabilities, your email could be at risk. Most businesses rely on email to assist with day-to-day activities. But many businesses haven’t addressed new

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Embrace the New Email Standards

High Reliability |  High Security | IP Protection Nearly all businesses rely on email, but many haven’t addressed avoidable vulnerabilities, leaving their email at risk! Is this you? Here are 5 ways your email could be vulnerable: Unprotected infrastructures Lost

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Identity Access Management | ConnectID

Never be at a loss for a password again – use one set of credentials to access all your web Apps/Sites with Info Exchange’s ConnectID Identity Access Management (IAM) Solution. ConnectID enables IT Managers to simply and easily apply company

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