Tiered Backup Storage

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Traditional backup solutions can’t keep up with today’s data growth – leading to slow backups, long recovery times, and escalating storage costs. ExaGrid revolutionizes this process by integrating data deduplication and compression technologies, which optimize your storage space and ensure swift backups and rapid data recovery, all while minimizing infrastructure expenses. Confidently safeguard your critical data without compromising performance or scalability.

Transform Your Data Backup Strategy with ExaGrid

Scalable Architecture

ExaGrid offers a scale-out architecture that allows businesses to easily expand their backup storage capacity as their data volumes grow, without disrupting existing infrastructure.

Fast Backups & Recoveries

With integrated data deduplication and compression technologies, ExaGrid ensures swift backups and rapid data recovery, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Cost Effective Storage

By optimizing storage space and reducing the need for additional hardware, ExaGrid helps organizations lower their total cost of ownership for backup storage solutions.

Incredible Compatibility & Flexibility

ExaGrid’s appliances are compatible with a wide range of backup software solutions, making them a flexible option for businesses with diverse IT environments.

Unmatched Reliability & Data Integrity

ExaGrid’s robust architecture and advanced features ensure the reliability and integrity of backed-up data, providing peace of mind for businesses dealing with critical information.

Proven Track Record

With a Net Promoter Score of +81, a strong reputation and numerous satisfied customers across various industries, ExaGrid has a proven track record of delivering effective backup storage solutions that meet the needs of modern enterprises.

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