Microsoft 365+

Your go-to Office—anywhere!

With Microsoft 365, you can stay productive and connected in the cloud, anywhere. Extend your office wherever you work, send and receive calls with a Microsoft Teams + PBX integration. The road to digital transformation depends on effective communication and collaboration.

"We trust this product so much, we use it ourselves - Microsoft 365 + Teams has enabled us to fully adopt a hybrid work model. No matter where our team members are, they are easily reachable all from one app. And with the PBX integration customers can reach us whether we are in the office or not. Our daily check-ins keep us close together even though we are physically apart."

David Allen,

CEO, Info Exchange

The Next Great Disruption:
Hybrid Work

Help your team do their best work with the apps and experiences they rely on every day to connect, collaborate, and get work done from anywhere. Modernize your employee experience and rethink the way you work!

Collaborate In Real Time

Chat, call, host online meetings, and collaborate in real time, whether you’re working remotely or onsite. Microsoft 365 gives you access to the office apps you know and love, with the freedom to create, edit and share with your colleagues in real time.

Microsoft Teams + PBX Integration

When you choose Info Exchange, you get the added benefit of integrating your PBX with Microsoft Teams so you don’t miss any calls while out of office! Whether in office or working remotely, send and receive calls – internal and external – when you integrate Teams with your office telephone system. Receive calls to your office line on your mobile phone or computer and stay connected even on the go.

One Cost Effective Solution

Streamline collaboration tools, IT setup and management, and costs with a single productivity solution. An all-in-one, integrated solution including Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and Office apps. Plus world class security options built into the platform to secure your users and data.

One Cost Effective Solution

Enjoy the flexibility to mix and match with other services so you know that you get the best possible solution for YOUR business needs.

Securing Your Microsoft 365 Solution

Office 365 is unlike any SaaS application before it. It’s connection-hungry and latency-sensitive apps will lay waste to the best-planned traditional network. Why? Hub-and-spoke networks can’t deliver the user performance requirements needed to be productive, and they significantly drive up project costs. 

Direct internet connections are required for Office 365, but how can you secure them? Direct-to-internet means bypassing your security gateway, yet it’s impractical and far too costly to place security appliances at every branch. You can get fast and secure connections to Office 365 and the internet, without appliances. Click below to see how.

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