Data Loss Prevention

For Complete Control of Your Corporate Data

Safeguard your corporate assets and prevent data loss with a simple, scalable enterprise solution.

Experience effortless setup & faster deployment

Our DLP platform automatically classifies your corporate data with zero configuration and simplifies security management by providing a single dashboard for complete visibility across your entire network – eliminating silos and ensuring comprehensive data protection for email, endpoint, and IoT devices. 

A single, simple platform for all your DLP needs

Get unified on- and off-network protection for all your users. Secure your internet access, corporate email, endpoints, SaaS, private apps and risk posture in one simple, powerful platform.

All your workflows backed by superior AI & ML

Save time and set your data protection programme ahead by months using machine learning and cloud scale automation, Zscaler expertly classifies data and risky behaviour without you lifting a finger.

Advanced automation for data discovery & policy creation

Take your data protection to the next level.  With advanced UEBA, EDM, IDM, OCR and workflow automation, you have everything you need to customise your data protection to your needs.

Get actionable visibility across all your data with ease.

Additional Resources

Discover a wealth of valuable resources that provide a clear understanding of Zscaler DLP. Dive into its powerful capabilities and inner workings, expanding your knowledge of data loss prevention. Prepare to be amazed as you explore this transformative technology, unlocking invaluable insights along the way.

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Uncover the essence of Data Loss Prevention with our CIO, Undel Williams, and learn how our state-of-the-art DLP solutions protect your sensitive information, enforce policies, and educate users to prevent unauthorized disclosure or loss.

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