Autonomous Cybersecurity solving the problem of Staff Attrition

How to Enhance Your Tech Team with Autonomous Cybersecurity

When it comes to running a business, there are many risks that come with the territory. One of the most troubling risks is the threat of cyberattacks which can cripple an organization. Apart from business opportunities lost, and resultant reputational damage, a cyber attack can prove to be very costly if the company is found non-compliant with Jamaica’s newly gazetted Data Protection Act. These far-reaching implications are some of the reasons why data security must be a C-Level discussion.

One of the core discussions surrounding data security is the availability of experienced staff.  Insufficient staff or worse untrained staff is a business risk. Staff comes and goes, but your defenses must always be on.  So, how does a business contend with these risks?  The answer lies in autonomy – the future of cybersecurity is autonomous.

But, what exactly is autonomous cybersecurity? Autonomous cybersecurity is an intelligent system that through the use of AI and machine learning is able to secure your network with little need for human intervention. Want to understand more about autonomous cybersecurity, check out this article ‘Advancing Security | The Age of AI & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity by SentinelOne, an Info Exchange Security Partner and a leader in cybersecurity.


Securing your business when Your Staff Can’t

Autonomous cybersecurity is not only good from a security standpoint, it is also a great option to consider from an operational perspective. Malware never takes a break and it definitely doesn’t quit. But, your cybersecurity staff does, and when they do, that leaves the company susceptible to the wrath of cybercriminals and their constant bombardment. In cases such as these, an autonomous cybersecurity platform acts as an immediate safety net, filling the gaps when you’re understaffed.


Got security?

Cyber security should never be left to chance. Whether it’s the chance that your security team will stay with your organization forever or the chance that your ‘one-man army’ can hold the line against the numerous threats on the horizon. With autonomous cybersecurity, you can throw chance out the window and take matters into your own hands. That way, you know that your business is well protected.


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