The Future of Enterprise security is Autonomous

3 Reasons Why the Future of Enterprise Security is Autonomous

Hackers have long been known for their ingenuity and creativity in finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and compromise your enterprise security. Today, like your business, they are using automation to modernize their technology to achieve their main goal, which is to profit off you. By automating their attacks with artificial intelligence (AI), it enables them to launch more sophisticated attacks faster than humanly possible.

This has become a major threat to businesses worldwide as they struggle to keep abreast of the dark market’s fast-paced changes in technology.  But, there is a way to fight back.  Businesses can secure their endpoints against next-gen cyberattacks with intelligent autonomous cybersecurity that’s always on. Like attackers, Autonomous Endpoint Security platforms incorporate AI as well as machine learning (ML)into their systems. With AI and ML intelligence,  autonomous endpoint security platforms are able to independently prevent, detect, stop and remediate cyberattacks within your company’s network before hackers are able to do harm.

The many benefits to having a solution like this,  from a business and technical perspective, include:

  • Security posture remains intact, even when Understaffed.
  • No threat goes undetected ;
  • Keep abreast of changes in cybersecurity threats


Security posture remains intact, even when Understaffed

Try as you may to keep them, your staff won’t be there forever. Staff attrition is a real business concern.  IT specialists are in great demand as new career opportunities arise, and competitors lure your experts away. So, what do you do then?

Yes, you can hire another resource, but it takes time to hire and train new staff; meanwhile, your defences are left in a compromising position.  After all, a gap in your team is a gap in your security.

Even if you do have a loyal team, that still may not be enough to keep your business fully protected against persistent cyberattacks. There are millions of attacks occurring daily, hitting targets simultaneously and persistently.  They never give up and we are all fair game in their eyes.  To fight this magnitude of attacks, you would need a large security team operating 24/7. But considering the risk and cost, does this really make sense?

Let’s look at this in another way.  Everyone needs electricity, but do you build your own generating plant? No, because it makes sense to subscribe to a service from your local power company. Not only is this less risky, but it comes at a more affordable cost. Similarly, why would you think about outlaying extra cash to build a huge cybersecurity team, when you can simply subscribe to a service that gives you intelligent always-on security, as with autonomous endpoint security?  Not only does this solution act as a full stack 24/7 security team, it comes armed with global intelligence and AI that enables it to act on its own – reinforcing your cyber defences with the strength and expertise of a thousand cybersecurity specialists.


No threat goes undetected

Most cybersecurity strategies are a typical case of “monkey see, monkey do”

Your IT team will only respond to the things that they are aware of and, your traditional security solution will only recognize the things that it is programmed to look for. This creates a gap in your security and a risk to your business.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need full visibility into your network and a solution that can detect unknown threats and take action even without human intervention.

Autonomous cybersecurity is the future. It goes beyond the normal eye to see the full scope of your attack surface. It protects all the devices on your network and even extends out to your operations in the cloud. It can see if an attack is brewing, what data is at risk, and how threats are spreading throughout interconnected networks.

Moreover, it can detect unknown threats and stop them faster than humanly possible. That way, you never have to worry about anything getting past your IT team and putting your business at risk, financially or otherwise.


Keep abreast of changes in cybersecurity threats

It’s safe to say that we all know of at least one company that has been hit by a cyberattack. We’ve also seen the consequences. From the brutal media coverage to the company’s loss of customers and damage to their reputation. The ramifications are great and even more so now with Jamaica’s newly gazetted Data Protection Act.

The financial risks to businesses for unprotected data, particularly those of its clients, partners and staff,  are at their highest level.  It’s now imperative for companies to ensure that they have security solutions in place and that they are able to defend against modern threats.  Hackers are constantly evolving and looking for vulnerabilities in your systems – so should you!

Today the most effective arsenal in a company’s defence is Autonomous security. By utilizing machine learning and AI, autonomous cybersecurity solutions like SentinelOne are constantly learning and adjusting, enhancing their ability to detect and stop polymorphic threats as soon as they appear. In addition to this, instead of simply relying on known threat signatures to identify malware, they use behavioural intelligence to identify mal-actors. Thereby protecting your business against today’s and tomorrow’s threats. Talk about future-proofing your security!



While most organizations think they Got Security, it’s always a moving mark.  Cybersecurity is a never-ending battle against ever-evolving threats. In order to keep up, you need a solution that will fill the gaps, intelligently analyse and adapt to the dynamic digital environment, enhance the visibility into your network to locate threats, and most importantly do it all autonomously to secure your business against persistent modern-day and future threats.


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