Next Generation Antivirus – Time for an Upgrade

A lot has changed in Jamaican IT services since the first antivirus programs were created in 1987. For these traditional antivirus programs, when malware is initially detected , its unique signature (or fingerprint) is identified and added to a database of ‘known malware’.

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Is your Antivirus System Outdated?

According to Ving, a corporate communication tool, email is the preferred communication method of 74% of all online adults, resulting in eight million emails being sent every second. Of those eight million, a typical corporate user sends and receives approximately 110

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Winning A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

It’s estimated that over 60% of all ‘Corporate Knowledge’ is in the form of email.  E-mails are therefore a corporate asset which requires clear and defined policies to not just ensure transmission, but also easy and continuous retrieval. This is

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