How We Did It: Info Exchange at 25

Info Exchange: Celebrating 25 years of service to our clients

In this turbulent tech world where many companies have fallen along the wayside, Info Exchange is today celebrating 25 years of continuous operations. Our company, now considered amongst the top IT solution providers in Jamaica has its longevity anchored in our ability to anticipate, adapt and lead others into the future with a dogged commitment to delivering exceptional service.  

Centered on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), our B2B company has served several well-known brands across Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados. Our constant innovation together with our international partnerships has armed us with the necessary technical resources to provide expert advice to organizations along their digital transformation journey. Our game-changing solutions in cybersecurity, datacenter modernization, branch networking, and work from anywhere technology has been pivotal in our success in delivering the business outcomes desired by our clients. 

Where It Began 

Against the backdrop of a premature eBay launching its auction website and hiring its first employee; and dial-up internet was the order of the day with Netscape leading the charge as browser of choice, Jamaica’s own tech evolution began when we introduced Info Exchange to the Caribbean landscape.

With a goal of designing the best websites possible, the company began offering its web development services to many of the now large enterprises today including Go-Jamaica (The Jamaica Gleaner) and the Companies Office of Jamaica. Over time, this vision evolved as we quickly expanded our IT solutions to our ever-expanding client base, many of whom remain with the business to this day. 

Staying Ahead

We really believe ourselves to be true tech pioneers as not only have we helped to initiate the digital transformation journey of many, but we’re also proudly responsible for many firsts within the island. In 1997 Info Exchange developed the first online newspaper for the Gleaner company; and before Jamaica’s banking system offered an e-commerce solution, in 2000 we built a stored value solution for the Company’s Office of Jamaica that enabled the first local e-commerce transactions. Then in 2007, we introduced Hosted Exchange as one of the first SaaS solutions locally.    

A big part of our success story lies with our partnerships with some of the biggest technology providers in the world including Zscaler, Microsoft, and Nutanix who’ve all helped us to stay ahead of the curve and bring world-class solutions to our clients. 

Focus on the Client

As we continue to roll out new solutions, adopting new and practical technologies, we will continue to place our clients at the center of all decisions made. “We execute complex projects with multiple outcomes and which impact different aspects of businesses for organizations of various sizes. [But] at our core is a commitment to excellence and uncompromising focus on the client’s outcome,” CEO, David Allen, posits.  

As a result, we have amassed a solid reputation that has led to not only our clients staying for decades but also the onboarding of new clients. Coursing our growth, CIO, Undel Williams states: “Most of our work has been through referrals by customers who have been with us for many years. We have grown together and have seen that we have stayed steps ahead, quickly adapting, maintaining relevance, and providing sensible guidance to our customers. This is a feather in our cap which has enabled us to survive.” 

Some of the projects we are particularly proud of include the datacenter modernization with Hyperconverged Infrastructure for eGov, which marks the 7th such implementation in Jamaica, and the implementation of a Software-Defined Wide Area Network for the distributed operations of a regionally-based multinational food processor. 

What’s Next?

For years our company’s success has been rooted in its expertise and eye for innovation which has led to our many accomplishments. And, as the world continues to change, Info Exchange will evolve with it. 

“With adaptability as the key to change and remaining comfortable with change, the company will continue to evolve, staying ahead for our competitors, while continuing to maintain a lean operation,” emphasized Allen.

Our hope for the future is to remain entrepreneurial and continue to break new frontiers through innovation in order to enable our customers to improve on a large scale all aspects of their operations.  Whether it is in work-from-home technology, cybersecurity, or endpoint management, Info Exchange will remain agile and responsive to business needs, with a commitment to delivering results. 

“We have been helping companies be more secure, productive, and agile in their operations. As we mark this milestone we strengthen our resolve to ensure that our clients continue to get transformative technology and support so they not only meet their strategic objectives but stay ahead at all times” we will continue to grow by helping them achieve their strategic goals,” Undel concluded. 

To learn how Info Exchange can transform your business, contact us today at 876-931-9552 or send us an email at

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