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How To Win The Battle Against Automated Cyberattacks

We have all heard horror stories about cybercrime. Businesses that have had their network hacked, customer data stolen, and money siphoned away. But, what’s most interesting about these stories is that all of the companies that fell victim to these attacks had some level of protection in place. So, how did the hack happen?


The rise of automated cyberattacks

It’s not that these organizations didn’t take their security seriously.  In fact, many spent significant time and resources to install what they thought would work.  The sad reality is that with the fast pace of change in technology, defenses that worked previously, are simply no match for the sophisticated attacks by today’s cybercriminals.  Modern-day attacks have outgrown traditional cyber security defenses.

Cybercriminals have advanced their tactics by leveraging automation. With this in their arsenal, they can hit companies like yours, faster than ever before, bombarding your defenses with an ever-increasing number of attacks.

“Modern cyber attackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) have become both rapid and abundant while advanced threats such as ransomware, cryptojacking, phishing, and software supply chain attacks are on an explosive rise.  – SentinelOne

Add to that the dynamic nature of your digital work environment and we can see the situation gets even more complex.  Already, you can start to see how vulnerable your company may be.


What does this mean for businesses?

Simply put, it means companies like yours, must always be on their “A-game”.  According to Checkpoint “Jamaican organizations are being attacked 123 times per week, compared to 897 per organization in the Americas.” It’s no longer enough to have a basic firewall in place and call it a day. Nor is that simple antivirus software going to be the silver bullet that you’re looking for.

With persistent attacks constantly bombarding defenses, it becomes increasingly difficult for your IT security team to detect every anomaly, putting your business at risk of a breach. The incidents of being hacked are now higher than ever before and traditional security approaches are no longer enough. Companies navigating through today’s hostile digital landscape must take a more proactive stance against cybercrime, and be prepared to defend against these automated attacks.


How can you do this?

One way to do this is by reinforcing your defenses with autonomous endpoint security. This technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and block automated attacks. It acts independently, without the need for human intervention to protect your data and applications against even the most sophisticated of attacks.

So, while you may think you got security…do you really? It’s one thing to catch a threat after everything is all said and done but, wouldn’t it be better to catch them in the act?


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