Why you need Endpoint Detection & Response

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While we’ve established that an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) plays an integral role in the cyber security puzzle, it should not be the only layer of protection companies rely on. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) should also be incorporated into their overall strategy to ensure comprehensive protection against today’s cyber threats. But why? In this blog, we will discuss what is EDR and why companies need it in order to defend against next-gen cyber threats.

What is Endpoint Detection & Response?

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is a term used to describe a class of security solutions that helps organizations identify, detect, and respond to threats laying within their network. Its purpose is to dive deeper into what’s happening on an endpoint, for which it utilizes a variety of techniques, including behavioral analytics, machine learning, and signature-based detection, to identify malicious activities.

Unlike EPP which attempts to look out for threats and prevent them from entering your system, EDR is built on the assumption that threats have already bypassed your ‘front gate’. So, instead of providing a blanket cover, it provides more granular capabilities to identify and pacify any attacks.

Why Companies Need EDR

Today’s cyber threats have become more sophisticated than ever before. That is why EPP alone cannot provide complete protection. With the rise in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Zero-day attacks, and sophisticated malware that can evade detection, companies need full visibility in their different endpoints.

EDR allows this. It grants companies the ability to detect and investigate potential threats on their endpoints that may have otherwise gone undetected. This ultimately reduces the risk of data theft or loss, and reputational damage. In addition to this, EDR can help organizations automate their response to attacks, which can save time and resources. When it comes to new and unknown attacks, EPP is defenseless. EDR, on the other hand, can help you understand what is happening and take steps to contain the threat and minimize its impact.

In today’s world, it is essential for companies to have some sort of endpoint detection & response in place. If a company’s EDR capabilities are lacking, they may not know their endpoints have been compromised until it’s too late and all of their data is encrypted. With ransomware on the rise and the data protection act coming into effect, having an effective EDR as part of your endpoint security strategy is a game-changer.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a critical security measure that all businesses should take advantage of. By monitoring devices and endpoints for malicious or unauthorized activity, you can gain visibility into potential threats and protect your business from data loss and sabotage.

If you’re not currently using EDR or your current EDR solution is inadequate, contact us today at mybusiness@infoexchangeja.com to learn how you can gain more visibility and protect your business with this important security measure.

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