ShareSync … Defence Against Ransomware? You bet it is!

In a modern business environment, the document creation process is dynamic, collaborative and iterative. A person might write a draft at work, finish editing at home with a tablet and send it out to colleagues who may review on a smart phone. 

The final document emerges from a multi-person, multi-device, multi-location, multi-version workflow. ShareSync,  Info Exchange’s  File Sync and Share program, facilitates these elements of a dynamic workflow; where simply put,  files are automatically synced across all devices and folders are easily shared with co-workers with a click.

You probably, however, never thought of ShareSync as a security product.  If not, it’s time you take a closer look at this product.  Because this already highly versatile collaboration tool also provides a level of protection against the now rampant plague of Ransomware. It would seem that although everybody has an anti-virus running, ransomware is consistently able to outmanoeuvre traditional anti-virus programs and backup systems. Take a look at this video to  see how ShareSync can keep you going, despite a ransomware outbreak.

ShareSync – A business Continuity Solution for Ransomware

ShareSync, is a 2-in-1 combination of file sharing and backup service that can keep infected users productive. This is because the Users’ files are all synched to the ShareSync Cloud where multiple revisions (versions) of the file are kept.  In the event of a ransomware outbreak, simply retrieve (download) the previous (uninfected) versions of the files from ShareSync to an uninfected machine – and continue working.

This takes the pressure off of IT team. Instead of being pressured by users who are demanding their computers, they can take the time they need to carefully contain the virus and patch any security holes

  • Instantly roll back to uninfected files
  • Immediately access those clean files on any device
  • Keep users productive while IT restores infected computers
  • Avoid paying ransom to criminals
  • Plus: save money with a 2-in-1 backup and file sharing service

ShareSync combines real-time backup and file sharing into a single product. This 2-in-1 feature set enables File Collaboration similar to Box and Dropbox alongside complete File Backup and Recovery across any failure scenario, like Carbonite and Mozy.

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