Layered Security Can Be Tricky

So while it is now firmly ingrained that layered security is best practice for securing enterprise networks throughout the industry it’s not a silver bullet.  Identifying the right solution for each layer is difficult enough, but each security product has to integrate seamlessly to provide the Zero gap protection that we all strive for.

According to Director Stefan Frei, NSS Labs Research, “You need to really know what products to combine…. Failure correlation between products from the same vendor is extremely high.  If you want to benefit from layered security, you have to mix different products from different vendors.”

As IT consultants, Info Exchange has the added advantage of partnering with a wide cross-section of security providers from across the world.  With over 20 years of working on-the-ground with Jamaican businesses, we’ve garnered a wealth experience and knowledge of the problems facing Caribbean based business today.  Through this and our relationships with renowned security experts – Sophos, Microsoft, Carbon Black etc., we are able to develop threat profile and security requirements for our clients, and then incorporate the best combination of security products that we know will work well together.   

More than that, we help to alleviate the demands being placed on cyber security departments who may not have the same knowledge of or access to the most effective security systems available. However, these are just words.  Instead, why not get in touch with us here at Info Exchange and invite us to carry out an inspection of your current data security measures.

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