Ensuring Website Security Throughout Development

Website owners are very familiar, some with great dread, with the process of building a new website or even just making changes to the content on their existing site.  

Typically you call in your trusted developer and favourite graphic designer, share your ideas with them and off they go to do the work.  They return later with their own computers to show you the work they’ve done, and after several iterations you eventually reach the initial cut-over phase where they finally put code unto your servers.   

Those who may have gone through this process not only know that it is not as simple as it seems, but also that inherent dangers lies within.  First, as we develop our website we need to maintain control over our content.  When you lose control over your content you never know where it’s going to end up and it poses a risk. 

Second is the matter of knowing where the most current version of the site is.  Most sites today have some type of content management system where team members are constantly generating and tweaking content, and site content can vary dramatically – this can be problematic, for example when developers are say introducing a form into a specific page that no longer looks like the page that the developer has.

There is a way for you to control the entire process by owning all environments, from where the coding is being done and through to the testing environment, where you can observe, edit and vet the work being done before it goes live; it’s called WebSECURE.  An enterprise level secure web hosting platform that offers three distinct environments – Development, Staging, and Production.   Development is where all coding takes place, Staging is where the marketing team and others are able to fully test the site, and Production is the live site, where the whole world has access to it via http and https.

These are essentially 3 identical secure environments, so anything that works in Development is going to work exactly the same way in both Staging and Production. With WebSECURE in place, Developers know they are always working on the current version of the site. Further it allows for an easy toddle easily between what is in development and what you can push out to say “here is something to look at”.

To top everything off, these 3 environments are fully secured.  WebSECURE Production environment is behind 3 firewall environments and is being actively scanned for vulnerabilities and exploits.  Rules within the web application firewall stops all remote access to the underlying server files, an excellent deterrent to fileless malware.  This is about as secure an environment as you can reasonably have while still having people access to the site.  

The Staging environment is also restricted, this is locked down by IP address.  There’s an access list that determines who has access to it for vetting and editorial purposes.  Staging doesn’t allow for the manipulation of the data in the way that a developer would.

The environments are also monitored 24/7 with ongoing malware detection, advanced bot protection, and DDoS protection, all while running on a content delivery network guaranteed to make your website run faster for your potential clients. To further guarantee 99.999% uptime, there are daily backups to ensure the most up to date information will be restored in the event of an incident.

Any organization that has true concern about their reputation and accepts that their website is a very important part of their brand, or if they have to have their online business up all the time, have or will see the value in this product.

Protecting your business is possible with WebSECURE offered by Info Exchange, leaders in secure web hosting in Jamaica. By owning and having active possession of all the development environments, there is a reduced opportunity for incompatibility between the files and code in each environment, as well as far fewer opportunities for accidentally exposing confidential information. WebSECURE is a secure environment you can trust through all stages of website development. For more information on WebSECURE and other services we offer, contact us online, email mybusiness@infoexchangeja.com, or call (876)931-9552.

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