What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Many changes have taken place in the worlds of business and technology in the last 25 years. As a result of these changes, the approaches of yesterday don’t necessarily work today.

What got you here, won’t necessarily get you there. Those are some strong words to consider, especially in this rapidly changing world. This is one of the key lessons we, here at Info Exchange, have learnt in our 25 years of existence as a business efficiency consulting firm, where we use technology to deliver business outcomes and improve the efficiency of our customers. Back in the early days when we started people didn’t know what the internet was, and cloud wasn’t even a concept then. Today, however, I can scarcely have a conversation where Cloud isn’t discussed. So, the approaches of the past simply aren’t as effective today. The world is constantly and rapidly changing, and businesses must change with it in order to survive.  

Much has changed in 25 years

Over the years we have observed inflection points in the market which force you to rethink right down to the fundamentals of your business. Seismic shifts are happening right now, driven by changes in consumer behaviour and demand, and not necessarily by technology.Technology is really an enabler and not a cause of these changes.  

Suppose you could go back 25 years and try to explain to your younger self the concept of a YouTube blogger and that you could make a decent living from it. How would you explain it and how do you think you would respond? The point is that so much has changed and it continues to do so at a faster and faster rate. But the approaches you took in the past may not be as effective in today’s world. 

I say this with a bit of frustration as I see datacentres still be implemented based on older technology and old thinking. In the past IT departments were all about keeping the lights on and outing fires. Businesses saw technology more for task automation and time savings, but today it is about transforming the business to operate digitally. Operating models are now defined and enabled through technology. IT Department should no longer be fire fighters, but innovators that are going to guide the business on how to leverage their technology to create shareholder value.  

Go Software Defined

The world has changed; and will continue to change at a faster and faster rate, businesses will be challenged to keep up. IT teams should use their time for more high value tasks such as product creation and delivery innovations using software defined technology.  

But to do this effectively, businesses must start with the right software defined platform. With Nutanix HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) the intelligence is in the software and the hardware becomes more of a commodity appliance where the customer can now choose which supported hardware they want. No more vendor lock-in.  

With Nutanix self-healing, software-defined datacentre, the infrastructure now becomes invisible, and virtually self-managing. This platform creates the freedom and the leverage that IT teams need to create the agility and innovation needed for the business to compete.

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