Business Continuity

Tech Talent Is Flooding the Job Market

Article Written By: Vijay Govindarajan and Anup Srivastava   Arecent series of mass layoffs in the tech sector, including Amazon and Meta’s dismissal of tens of thousands of workers, has created an incredible opportunity for companies that previously aspired to

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Bad data sapping your team's productivity?

Bad Data Is Sapping Your Team’s Productivity

Article Author: Thomas C. Redman In principle, new technologies help companies increase productivity: Logistics systems ensure that they have the right quantities of things they need, operational systems help automate production and the delivery of goods and services, and decision

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Cybersecurity is not (just) a tech problem. It is a business problem

Cybersecurity Is Not (Just) a Tech Problem

Article Written By: Lakshmi Hanspal As remote work continues to be a pillar of our new normal, organizations are realizing that the security environment has dramatically changed. Securing remote work isn’t solely the job of the IT team, however —

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Business resilience

Make Resilience Your Company’s Strategic Advantage

Article Written By: Martin Reeves, Annelies O’Dea and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak Over the last few years, business leaders have been reminded repeatedly of the interconnectedness and unpredictability of businesses, economies, and societies. Humanitarian disasters, from the pandemic to the war in

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