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COJ Significantly Reduces Their Datacenter Footprint and Saves on Cost With Nutanix HCI

The Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ) , an executive agency of the Government of Jamaica, is the sole entity responsible for the registration of local and overseas companies and individuals operating a business in Jamaica. Through their online registry and ecommerce portal, the public is able to, among other things, check a company or business’ current legal status, statutory compliance and its ownership structure. The overarching goal of the company is to foster trade and commerce within the island.


Companies Office of Jamaica




Nutanix HCI



Having a small IT department, COJ found itself struggling to manage too many servers in their “bloated” server room. In addition to this, some of these servers were being underutilized meaning a low ROI and massive overheads.


A hyperconverged solution that provided a more simplified and cost-effective way of managing their servers. One that would give them the ability to optimize and maximize the full potential of their servers as well as enable them to better predict ad plan for the future.


Thanks to Nutanix HCI, the company was able to reduce its datacenter footprint by 65% and reduce its power usage by 35%, thereby saving on space and cost. In addition to this, they also saw reduced downtime with fewer disruptions to staff thanks to the automated fail-over system built into Nutanix boxes.

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