Unlock the Value of your Data with Simplified Database Management

Monetize your Data with Intelligent Database Operations

Traditional Infrastructure Creates Complexity and Database Management Challenges

If your organization is like most enterprises, your high-performance databases are supported by traditional infrastructure. This means that discrete compute, storage, and network resources within your datacentre are

carrying different parts of the overall workload to support database operations. You might think that this is beneficial load-balancing, but think again.

The reality is that siloed datacentre operations create major challenges for your IT team when managing databases. Businesses spend 72% of IT budget on just basic maintenance due to operational complexity. Managing segregated workloads results in burdensome manual processes that can expose your database to costly human error. In fact, 91% of data centres will experience unplanned outages.

In addition to high maintenance costs and increased security risk, siloed operations on traditional infrastructure result in slow provisioning, inflexibility, poor quality insights, and expensive workarounds for disaster recovery. To make matters worse, your growing business is actually demanding faster performance and more agility while reducing costs. Managing databases on traditional infrastructure simply can’t support all these operational demands at scale. You’ll need a new approach.

Rethinking Your Data Centre Infrastructure

Keeping your business running without disruption while enabling data monetization will require a simplified approach to your infrastructure — one that can reduce burdensome manual work and help increase business agility and operational efficiency. You’ll need a solution that can provide an easy-to-use, centralized management platform that allows you to easily manage your database workloads and efficiently provide database services (DBaaS) to your organization.

Nutanix Makes Database Management Easy

Whether your primary goal is to modernize your database operations, consolidate your databases to prevent sprawl, offer cloud-based DBaaS, accelerate internal development cycles, or improve critical application performance, Nutanix solution for databases makes deployment and management as easy as a single click. Consolidate your segregated workloads into a single, simplified management platform that lets you provision, clone, patch, refresh, and backup your database in just a few minutes with one click. Built-in intelligence including automated copy data management, patching, and upgrading reduces burdensome manual work and gives your DBAs more time to focus on supporting new business initiatives.

Maximize Business Continuity and Security

Keeping the business running without disruption is critical for success. Nutanix solution for databases helps you reduce unplanned downtime by up to 97% and achieve non-disruptive IT operations. One-click disaster recovery and automated copy data management, patching, and upgrades ensure maximum data resiliency with web-scale architecture that self-heals and recovers proactively. Automated and integrated data-at-rest encryption and database masking helps ensure security while simplified, intelligent database operations eliminate manual processes and reduce human error risk.

Accelerate Time to Value and Increase Business Agility

Acceleration is key to achieving ROI — doing things faster, with greater efficiency, and adapting to changing needs with less time required to pivot. Nutanix solution for databases gives you the agility to deploy infrastructure and databases in just minutes to hours and accelerate development and test deployment by up to 10X. This is where the real value in acceleration lies — beating your 

competition to critical insights and getting a jump on innovation. Increased speed and efficiency allow your users to have the right information at the right time for data-driven decision-making.

Consolidate complex database operations into a simplified database platform that can help you increase database performance, improve operational efficiency, and boost innovation while reducing TCO by up to 60%.6 Harness the full potential of your data and open new revenue opportunities for your business with Nutanix solution for databases.

Key Benefits

Faster Time to Value and Business Agility

  • Deploy infrastructure in and databases in minutes & hours instead of days & weeks.
  • Up to 10x increase in dev/test deployments.

Maximize Uptime and Security

  • Slash unplanned downtime events by as much as 97% and gain non-disruptive IT operations.

Operational Efficiency and Reduced Costs

  • Up to 61% operational efficiency savings
  • Invest in growth with reduced. TCO by up to much 60%
Info Exchange is a certified Nutanix Partner in Jamaica, West Indies
Source:  Nutanix.com

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