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How We Did It: Info Exchange at 25

In this turbulent tech world where many companies have fallen along the wayside, Info Exchange is today celebrating 25 years of continuous operations. Our company, now considered amongst the top IT solution providers in Jamaica has its longevity anchored in our ability to anticipate, adapt and lead others into the future with a dogged commitment to delivering exceptional service.  

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Layered Security Can Be Tricky

So while it is now firmly ingrained that layered security is best practice for securing enterprise networks throughout the industry it’s not a silver bullet.  Identifying the right solution for each layer is difficult enough, but each security product has

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Cybersecurity cannot be left to chance - Info Exchange

Cybersecurity Cannot Be Left To Chance

In this digital age, cybersecurity cannot simply be a bolt-on checklist item, it must be something that is practiced from the start. Breaches are often due to fundamental oversight In this past week, Jamaica has been rocked by the discovery

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What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Many changes have taken place in the worlds of business and technology in the last 25 years. As a result of these changes, the approaches of yesterday don’t necessarily work today. What got you here, won’t necessarily get you there. Those are some

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The Hybrid Organization: The future of business

As changes and disruptions have caused businesses to alter their operating model, a new, hybrid business model has now taken shape. The World of Business has changed Recent disruptions have shattered the paradigm of traditional, in-office and 9-5 work. Today,

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