Behavioral-based protection

What is Behavior-Based Cybersecurity?

Behavior-based cybersecurity is one of the latest trends in cybersecurity. It focuses on using heuristics to detect anomalies and, stop cyber threats before they can do immense damage to your systems. It is different from traditional antivirus solutions, as it

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Why You Need an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

When it comes to cyber security, the dangers are real and can cause serious damage to a company’s bottom line and reputation. The usual line of defense provided by traditional antivirus solutions can’t keep up with the ever-evolving threat landscape, and

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4 Lessons the Pandemic Taught Businesses

Whew! 2020 has been quite an adventure (to say the least!). Fortunately, we have made it to the end, probably not completely unscathed, but in one piece to some degree. That means it’s time for some introspection. The events of

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Cybersecurity cannot be left to chance - Info Exchange

Cybersecurity Cannot Be Left To Chance

In this digital age, cybersecurity cannot simply be a bolt-on checklist item, it must be something that is practiced from the start. Breaches are often due to fundamental oversight In this past week, Jamaica has been rocked by the discovery

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The Hybrid Organization: The future of business

As changes and disruptions have caused businesses to alter their operating model, a new, hybrid business model has now taken shape. The World of Business has changed Recent disruptions have shattered the paradigm of traditional, in-office and 9-5 work. Today,

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