Logo v2 (Transparency) - Cloud Forum 2023 - Info Exchange
Logo v2 (Transparency) - Cloud Forum 2023 - Info Exchange

Unlock the Power of the

Hybrid MultiCloud

End-to-End Solutions for Your Data Centre & IT Operations

Discover how you can craft an end-to-end cloud strategy that meets your unique business needs, and build a scalable & redundant cloud infrastructure for your organization’s growing demands. Take your data and operations to the next level with unparalleled security and ransomware resilience, while unlocking peak performance for your entire branch network.

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Why Attend?

Curious about building a truly scalable and secure cloud infrastructure? Here’s what you can expect from Cloud Forum 2023.

Learn how to craft an end-to-end cloud strategy

Discover how to build a scalable & redundant cloud infrastructure

Arm your users with unparalleled security & ransomware resilience

Explore how you can unlock peak performance for your entire branch network

Who Should Attend

C-Suite Executives | Chief Executive Officers | Chief Information Officers | IT Managers

Our Speakers

Take a look at the speakers we’ve lined up for our sessions at the Cloud Forum.

Watch Our 2022 Highlights

Didn’t get a chance to attend our last event? We’ve got you covered. Get ready for our upcoming Cloud Forum by diving into key presentations from our Nutanix Cloud Forum 2022.

Cloud on Your Terms

Watch as Nutanix COO, David Sangster, helps the Cloud Forum Audience understand the importance of cloud flexibility in digital transformation and learn how to design their corporate cloud on their own terms.

What Really Matters When Building Your Data Centre

Hear from Gustavo Sosa as he delves into the technical aspects of deciding what matters when building your data centre.


Watch as the Cloud Forum 2022 panel discusses the impact of a flexible cloud infrastructure on their operations.

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