Video Conferencing Technology in Kingston

Video Conferencing Technology in Kingston

Remote work has been increasing in popularity in recent years. When all your employees are in different places, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page. Info Exchange is offering video conferencing in Kingston to bring your employees together in one place without anyone being required to travel.

Our video conferencing technology runs on the devices already being used and brings HD-quality video and content to every participant. Our video conferencing tools offer the best quality-to-price ratio available on the market. With this cloud-based service from Info Exchange, video conferencing is affordable and accessible to everyone.

Technical Features

Info Exchange’s video conferencing tools require no additional hardware. Video conferencing is compatible with any desktop or mobile device and from any network with 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Through this technology, businesses can participate in one-to-one or multiple participant video conferences. Within conferences, application and desktop sharing is available to all participants. Scheduling is made easy through various options. Participants can invite others from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar or from the Info Exchange Video Portal.

Business Benefits

Implementing video conferencing into your technology toolbox results in many benefits for your business. With video conferencing, you can decrease travel costs by hosting client meetings via video conference. Businesses are better able to engage with traveling or remote employees on a new level. Additionally, video conferencing makes your business’s most important assets, the employees, even more accessible to customers. Video conferencing unleashes flexibility and engagement that your business probably has not experienced before.

Info Exchange offers a new generation of high-definition video conferencing designed as the ideal tool for businesses interested in a secure, online video conferencing solution at an affordable price. We are proud to add video conferencing to our family of world-class IT solutions and continue to combine superior technical knowledge with premium customer service. Our dedicated staff, technologically-advanced solutions, and unique approach make us the ideal choice. For more information on any of our offerings, including video conferencing in Kingston, reach out to us through our online contact form or by phone at (876) 931-9552.