Our Partners

Finding Success Together

It’s long been a small world. In this millenium, that is truer now than ever before. With technology’s warp-speed changes and incredible innovations, strong associations and professional relationships in the IT world are both commonplace and practical. No longer does any one company need to re-invent the wheel. No one professional needs to cover the gamut. This is the age of partnering.

Info Exchange has invested time and energy in establishing such partnerships with some of the best in the international arena; some for as long as 20 years. They’ve earned our trust. They’ve impressed us with their extensive knowledge, impeccable service, and supreme professionalism. Now you too can benefit from the support of our carefully constructed team of global technology partners. That’s right—work with Info Exchange, and you’ve got the backing, protection and expertise of some of the world’s best – Microsoft©, IBM©, Nutanix©, Barracuda©,Sophos© just to name a few.