Montego Bay IT Consulting

World Class Solutions

Montego Bay may be known as a thriving tourist destination with beautiful beaches and duty-free shopping, but we also know that Montego Bay is home to flourishing businesses. When your business needs IT solutions, Info Exchange is the Montego Bay IT consulting firm you should be speaking with. With over 20 years worth of happy clients, we are excited to prove that our outstanding reputation truly does represent our practices.

Info Exchange was established in 1996 and remains a wholly-owned Jamaican company. We have many distinct characteristics, but our team, our approach, and our services truly define us.

Our Team

Info Exchange boasts one of the most experienced teams in Jamaica. Our technical staff each has over 20 years of systems analysis and application development experience. Our CEO and Founder, David Allen, combined his years of experience in information technology (IT) with his business acumen and opened Info Exchange Ltd. in 1996. David and the team were the first to introduce Hosted Exchange some 15 years ago and, today, has a wide range of hosted services – from video conferencing to cyber security – everything that a business needs to operate efficiently today. Our entire team is dedicated to providing your business with the best possible solutions.

Our Approach

Info Exchange truly takes a holistic IT consulting approach. We are not in the business of selling ‘boxes’ or products with the highest margins. Our team develops a unique solution for your business and backs it with a clear plan. We believe in recommending a tailor-made solution that fits the needs of your business, provides value, and, most importantly, removes worry or stress regarding IT.

In addition, Info Exchange has the unique advantage of the strong partnerships we have built over the years. We work closely with industry leaders such as Microsoft©, Sophos©, VMware©, and Nutanix© just to name a few. Our customers like the fact that they are receiving world-class solutions and local customer service – we are always there, on the ground, when needed. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Our Services

Info Exchange offers a robust suite of IT services, so finding the best approach for your business will be easier. Our solutions fall into four main categories: communication and collaboration, backup and recovery, security management and IT consulting & development. Each category is necessary for smooth operations of any business.

Info Exchange truly represents the gold standard, and we are happy to offer Montego Bay IT consulting. Our combination of experienced team members, a holistic approach, and world-class solutions makes our consulting capabilities second to none. We invite you to experience our approach for yourself. Call us today at (876) 931-9552, or contact us through our online contact form.