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Established 20 years ago, Info Exchange is a wholly-owned Jamaican company that continues to provide Kingston IT consulting and solutions. Each of our technical staff has over 20 years of systems analysis and application development experience.

Info Exchange has focused on creating and delivering integrated business solutions to our clients using Internet technologies by performing in-depth business analyses, developing database-intensive web-based applications, and providing IT consultancy. We take a holistic approach to formulating solutions, pulling on our extensive experience in software development, information systems and cloud application services.

Our team is prepared to provide your business with the technology and solutions you need to succeed.

Video Conferencing in Kingston

Info Exchange offers a new generation of high-definition video conferencing designed as the ideal tool for businesses interested in a secure, online video conferencing solution at an affordable price.

Communications & Collaboration

In our fast-paced, ‘always-on’ world, real-time communication and collaboration is critical to business success. Choosing the right solution for your business can however, be intricate, confusing, and costly to implement. So, Info Exchange, a leader in web services technologies, has pulled together a suite of solutions, under one simple yet secure portal, from which you can pick and choose the best solution that meets your needs. Because most of these services are web-based, you get the most cost effective solution possible.  

Kingston Hosted Exchange

Our most popular service is our Business Mail solution – On premises Exchange, Hosted Exchange or Office 365, which is augmented with our MAILEssentials security platform. This email security system guarantees a 99.999% uptime and defends against phishing, malware, and spam.

In addition, MAILEssentials offers a variety of other features including:

Info Exchange also provides a full suite of additional business efficiency tools which will take the guesswork out of IT services and deployment.

Backup & Recovery

Take the guesswork out of data protection and restoration with Info Exchange’s DataVAULT Backup and Recovery. DataVAULT preserves and restores files in a secure, offsite environment, without requiring a major capital investment from your business. This service includes Bare Metal Restore, which simplifies and speeds up the restore process; VMWare Backup and Recovery, which allows businesses to back up VMware virtual machines across multiple servers and Quick Spin where you can recover locally in minutes, not hours.

Again this is just a sampling of our offering as this merely scrapes the surface of our complete suite of services and solutions.

Security Management

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated and cybercrime increases, web security has moved to the forefront for business.  If your business interface on the web has to be up and fully functioning 100% of the time, Internet security moves to the top of the list.  With this in mind, we have pulled together all the requisite features for a robust web hosting platform called WebSECURE – a secure web hosting service for business.

This security service has an enterprise-grade web application firewall that ensures that your website or application is always protected against any type of application layer hacking attempt.  With a multi-layer approach to security, WebSECURE protects your online business against  automated attacks, SQL or XSS Injections, Malware, Denial of Service, Bad Bot Traffic and other real time post actions.

At Info Exchange, our number one goal is to create positive outcomes for your business. We do this by identifying and implementing the most appropriate holistic approach of solutions. We’ve earned the reputation of one of the most trusted Kingston IT consulting firms. We invite you to explore what Info Exchange can do for your business by calling (876) 931-9552 or by contacting us through our online contact form.