Cayman Islands Video Conferencing

The Cayman Islands are one of many gorgeous destinations in the Caribbean, and it seems like everyone would love to be there rather than where they are currently. Thanks to Info Exchange now offering Cayman Islands video conferencing, everyone can travel virtually, if not physically, to the Cayman Islands. Without time and money being wasted on travel, employees can gather in one virtual location and improve communications throughout the business. This service offers both business and technical advantages.

Business Benefits

In addition to decreasing overhead costs related to travel, each employee of the business feels more in tune with decisions being made because it is easier to communicate while travelling or working remotely. This level of engagement also extends to your customers because it allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and higher quality engagement, resulting in a level of customer service that has never been experienced.

Technical Benefits

Info Exchange Video Portal adds HD-quality video and content to all participants on devices and networks already being used within the company. This allows for an easier exchange of ideas via application and desktop sharing between participants whether in a one-on-one or group conference. Starting a video conference can be done with just one click by checking the “Presence” status within the program of the person or persons you need to connect with. Participants can also be invited from the Microsoft Outlook toolbar, eliminating the need to manage multiple contact lists.

With virtual employment opportunities consistently increasing, it’s time to add a new generation of high-definition video conferencing tools with business and technical benefits. These tools are designed for businesses needing a secure solution at an affordable price. Cayman Islands video conferencing is just one member of our family of world-class IT solutions executed with superior technical knowledge and premium customer service. Info Exchange has a dedicated staff with a unique approach to determining technologically advanced solutions for any issues your business may face. For more information on any of our offerings, reach out to us through our online contact form or by phone at (876) 931-9552.