Security Management:
Identity Access Management

ConnectID – Single Sign On

No More Searching for Passwords...

Users authenticate once and are presented with a portal page showing the apps and sites that they’re entitled to access.  

Users have the freedom to work anytime, anywhere and from any device, without being repeatedly challenged for an ever increasing number of credentials.  This enterprise level Identity Access Management (IAM) service comes with an integrated self-service password reset workflow, dramatically reducing the cost of password related calls to helpdesks.

ConnectID SSO supports all major browsers—including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari—as well as apps for both iOS and Android.  

Getting Started with ConnectID is easy - Watch this Video

ConnectID – App Shaping

Manage User Access to Any Page, Tab, Link, Button or Menu Option.

App Shaping offers on-premises-equivalent access control to any web application, without lengthy and expensive customization.

  • IT Admin can manage user access without modifying the application backend in any way. Specific user actions can be monitored and logged with the option to capture screen shots, or access to any element within an application can be restricted.
  • Application features and functions that give users the potential to misuse and abuse applications and associated data can be disabled, or removed from the page entirely.

Watch Video on Adding Custom Apps

ConnectID – Audit & Compliance

Total Visibility of All User Activity

ConnectID Enterprise providies a detailed audit trail of all user interaction with applications—from login to logout, and everything in between.

VISUAL EVIDENCE:  The use of specific features within applications can be monitored—with the option to capture screen shots for particular actions—enabling the organization to provide visual evidence of exactly what the user did or didn’t see.

USER SPECIFIC AUDIT TRAIL: Access to the audit trail on Info Exchange Cloud is controlled through role-based access to ConnectID Enterprise. The audit trail can be easily searched to find specific information relating to a user, application, or application feature.

EASY MANAGEMENT:  A full management dashboard is provided giving summary views of all user-application interaction, and where unusual or suspicious activity is immediately highlighted enabling exceptions to be handled quickly.

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