Communications & Collaboration

Office 365

Your go-to Office—anywhere

Essential Productivity Tools for Modern Business

Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications —always the latest versions—let you create, edit, and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android™, or Windows device with anyone in real time.

Add our "Worry-Free Experience" to Microsoft Office 365

When you get O365 from Info Exchange, you’re getting all your key IT services from one provider. This includes email, collaboration, security and more. All with just one bill, one point of support, and one integrated control panel.  Plus, you have the added flexibility of mixing and matching with other services, so you know that you are getting the best possible solution for your business, ...and not compromising with an out-of-the box solution that solves only part of the problem.  

You Choose How you Pay

What's really great is that with Info Exchange you can avoid the financial stress of paying for O365 in one annual payment.  With Info Exchange you choose how you would like to pay - monthly,  quarterly or annually.  There’s no upfront cost for software and it always stays up-to-date.  Plus, your data is safe with built-in security plus compliance and privacy controls.  You will always be at the ready with O365’s 99.9% uptime financially backed guarantee.

Several Plans to choose from

There are several plans to choose from.  O365 Business Essentials, carries the online versions of Office with email and video conferencing, and O365 Business has the full Office package on PC/Mac with apps for tablets and phones.  If you want all the features of Business Essential and Business in one integrated plan, you should look to O365 Business Premium.  

Ease deployment and reduce licensing headaches.

O365 is offered on a subscription basis.  You can buy it for all users, or just a few.  Available as a download, it's quick and easy to deploy, even if you have remote employees or satellite offices.  Best of all, you’ll get access to new versions of Office as soon as they’re released.

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Hosted Exchange

Email ▪ Calendar ▪ Contacts ▪ Chat 

Mailbox full?...never again with Hosted Exchange 

Enhance your core productivity with features that improve the way you do business

  • Consistent Inbox
  • Calendaring 
  • Contacts

 Your data is always secure with Info Exchange’s 100% data guarantee and 99.999% SLA uptime.

Business is no longer confined to the office.  

Work from's Worry Free!

Enhance your business' core productivity tools

Increase your business efficiency with Microsoft Exchange 2013  - World Class Business Communication delivered via our Worry-Free Business Cloud.  Hosted Exchange is designed specifically for touchscreens, mobile usability and offline productivity. Compatible with PC, browser, and mobile phone.

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Intuitive Collaboration & Mobility

– You’re at an off-site meeting, but left an important document back at the office

– It takes you hours to consolidate reports and updates from your team

– You edited an entire document, only to realize there was a newer version

– Your client cannot receive emails with large file attachments


If this is happening need ShareSync

ShareSync will reduce the amount of time you and your employees spend on managing files and folders.

Info Exchange's ShareSync service enables intuitive collaboration and mobility while helping to keep your company data secure and protected. ShareSync keeps files and folders in sync across virtually every device - and makes it simple to share those files inside and outside of your company.


Compare ShareSync against other file sync & share solutions

In a modern business environment, the document creation process is dynamic, collaborative and iterative. A person might write a draft at work, finish editing at home with a tablet and send it out to colleagues who may review on a smart phone.  The final document emerges from a multi-person, multi-device, multi-location, multi-version workflow.

Info Exchange’s Business Grade ShareSync brings together all elements of dynamic workflows with simplicity, security, robustness and cost-effectiveness.  It comes standard with robust security, customer service support and a 99.999% guaranteed uptime.  it also allows you independent IT control over access permissions.


  • Files are automatically synced across all devices
  • Folders are easily shared with co-workers with one click
  • Control access with “Co-Owner,” “Modify”, and “View” permissions
  • Easily share ShareSync content with anyone, even if recipient doesn’t have ShareSync via password protected web links
  • Only authorized users can access ShareSync.
  • Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit
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Video Conferencing

Connect, unify & empower – Open your Video Room to the World

Cloud delivery & security for a cost-effective solution

Info Exchange’s new online generation of high definition video conferencing works the way you do. It runs on the devices you’re using now – from smart phones to tablets, desktops to video room systems, bringing HD-quality video and content to every participant. The interface is intuitive and very user friendly and is consistent with any device to help drive adoption.

This is an ideal solution for small to large businesses interested in a secure, online video conferencing solution at an affordable price. It offers the best quality-to-price ratio available on the market to bring video conferencing into your meeting room. With this cloud-based service, video conferencing is so affordable, it can be accessible to your entire workforce; no longer restricted to a happy few.

  • Fast & scalable deployment across your organization
  • Compatible with any desktop or mobile device and from any network with 3G/4G or Wi-Fi.
  • No additional hardware required
  • Free Customer service support for easy roll-out, user training, help desk and professional services


  • One-to-one calls for day-to-day video communication
  • Multiple participant video conferences for Corporate Training or Meeting events
  • Start a conference in one-click and without any reservations
  • See who’s available for a meeting with the “Presence” status
  • Reservation-less video conference available in one-click
  • Application and desktop sharing feature available to all participants
  • External guests can be invited to participate in your meetings
  • Invite participants from the Microsoft Outlook invitation toolbar or from the Info Exchange Video Portal
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Spam & Virus Protection

Buy it on its own, or get it FREE with a Hosted Exchange Mailbox 

Do you need Spam and Virus Protection for your business?  Look no more. Info Exchange's Email Protection Service keeps you safe from threats that can disrupt your users, damage your hardware, compromise your security, and – worst of all – spread infections on to your customers and partners.

Basic Features

  • Blocks 99%+ of spam
  • Signature-based antivirus engine
  • Automated 24x7 threat monitoring
  • Worm detection to intercept zero-hour mass mailings
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Protection against denial of service, directory harvest, email bombs, channel flooding, etc.
  • Gray mail and bulk mail filtering


When you really can’t afford to lose a day….an hour…a minute.

Advanced Features

  • Granular control over threat protection levels and spam score (inbox, junk box, deletion)
  • Content filtering based on predefined or custom-built criteria
  • ClickProtect protects users from clicking on malicious links - a feature only available from McAfee
  • Admin control over white lists and black lists
  • End-user management over individual white lists, black lists, reporting and other settings
  • Policies based on user groups
  • Message audit capabilities
  • User activity reports
  • Daily report of quarantined messages to help spot false-positives
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Email Continuity

Redundant Email Access for Total Peace of Mind

Send & Receive email ...even when you are offline

Email Continuity offers redundant email access beyond Info Exchange’s 99.999% uptime guarantee – without any additional integration to set up and monitor. It gives you absolute comfort in knowing that your users can send and receive email regardless of the status of their connection to the Exchange server.

  • Web portal for sending and receiving email
  • Redundant administrator tools for managing email policies and activity
  • Full syncing of Exchange activities when the Exchange server connection is restored
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Email Archiving

Fast – Scalable – Secure

  • 100% capture of inbound and outbound emails
  • Simple to search, filter, tag and recover
  • Unlimited storage and infinite scale
  • Powerful admin features
  • Free 24/7 local Email support

Without email archiving, you may not be able to find that critical piece of information when it counts the most.  The cost of inadequate email archiving can quickly escalate into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s never a good idea to expose your business to this type of risk.

Preserve Information, Assure Compliance & Speed eDiscovery

With Info Exchange’s Email Archiving service, you can rest assured that your company’s intellectual property and critical information is preserved and retrievable within seconds, even if someone accidentally or maliciously deletes emails. Nearly 90% of all businesses will be sued at some point. Will you be able to find that critical evidentiary email, sent or received by someone who may no longer work for you? 

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Email Encryption

Is your confidential communication safe from prying eyes?

Info Exchange’s Policy-based Encrypted Email easily encrypts emails based on company-wide rules and policies that you set up and manage – all without disrupting day-to-day workflow.  With our encrypted email...

  • All content & attachments are pre-scanned to detect whether message warrants encryption before being sent
  • Policies with insecure content can be configured to encrypt and...send email, return to sender, or delete messages 
  • Reduces human error, minimizes risk of security breaches
  • No additional software or plug-ins required


How does policy-based email encryption in Jamaica help?

You have complete control with our web-based administration console, from which you set, review, and customize your organization’s privacy policies and administer users. Our analytics tool tracks every message that’s been processed and provides summary diagrams and detailed searchable reports. Jumpstart your efforts with a wide variety of commonly used rules, dictionaries, and expressions or create complex rule chains to suit your organization’s unique needs.

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Instant Messaging

Lync Instant Messaging

Multi Collaboration, One Easy Interface

A cloud-based Instant Messaging solution for both spontaneous and scheduled meetings with colleagues, customers and partners. Its robust features smoothly integrates with Info Exchange’s HD Video Conferencing Service.  Operate right from your PC, laptop or Smart Phone.  

This secure, business-grade communication and multi collaboration solution offers:

  • Voice Chat 
  • Video chat
  • Desktop sharing 
  • Shared whiteboard
  • Web conferencing and more

Group Chat on a Whole New Level.  

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