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Preventing a Ransomware Infection

By Administrator 07/05/2017 |

As you’re seeing in the news, ransomware is hitting an all-time high. The most recent one affecting Jamaica being the Locky ransomware virus.


Recently a new form of ransomware virus (Locky) was discovered that infects organizations and holds data hostage until a ransom is paid. The Locky [...]


99.999% vs 99.9% Uptime

By Administrator 07/05/2017 |

The two extra "nines" make a big difference in your email uptime. As a business user, you want your emails to arrive instantly. So when a business [...]


Winning A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

By Administrator 06/30/2017 |

It's estimated that over 60% of all ‘Corporate Knowledge’ is in the form of email. E-mails are therefore a corporate asset which requires clear [...]



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