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You probably never thought of ShareSync as a security solution. If not, it’s time you take a closer look at this product, because this already [...]


Bare Metal Restoration… Is It For You?

By Erica Weatherstone 05/04/2017 |

Are your Jamaican IT services able to restore systems to working order with little to no interruption in service? Read on to learn how this is [...]


The Importance of Server Backups

By Erica Weatherstone 12/07/2016 |

The Jamaican IT consulting firm, Info Exchange, wants to ensure your organisation is backing up your data in a way that ensures redundancy.


Backup + Restore - Online vs Tape: SECURITY

By Administrator 04/28/2016 |

Is cloud backup or tape your solution for data restoration? The majority of companies want to ensure that their critical business data is protected [...]



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