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When The Server Is Down Everyone Knows!

By Iceta Wright 10/15/2015 |

The Decision to Move to the Cloud Can you imagine spending most of your time just managing mail servers? That’s the situation Shaun Cameron faced [...]


99.999% vs 99.9% Uptime

By Administrator 07/02/2015 |

The two extra "nines" make a big difference in your email uptime. As a business user, you want your emails to arrive instantly. So when a business [...]


It’s a good time to have your head in the Cloud

By Ann Marie Walter-Alllen 06/09/2015 |

The world today is the best possible scenario for small and medium sized businesses. For the first time ever, small business has access to the same [...]


Don’t Let Hackers Get The Better of You

By Administrator 04/23/2015 |

Did you know that over 200 Jamaican websites have been hacked over the past 10 years?



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