Winning A Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

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It's estimated that over 60% of all ‘Corporate Knowledge’ is in the form of email.  E-mails are therefore a corporate asset which requires clear and defined policies to not just ensure transmission, but also easy and continuous retrieval.

This is critical as our corporate asset in the form of your emails form part of your business resilience and continuity. Especially when it comes on to legal matters.

How often have you been in a situation where you remember that you either got or sent an email but you just can't find it? What if this time, not finding that email would cost your business to lose millions of dollars? Unfortunately, many Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) do not have these necessary email related policies in place. 

Some do not simply because they have never thought of emails as an asset of their company and the need to protect it, and so they are comfortable with using popular and free email providers. For the more discerning business owners who recognize the huge risk to their corporate asset by using these unsupported free email providers, their concern is ofter the issue of storage. Cloud Computing enables businesses, both large and small, to access a shared IT Infrastructure over the Internet, allowing businesses to solve real technology problems without a large investment.


Info Exchange’s Electronic Registry or Email Archive allows every email sent or received to be automatically saved in a tamper-proof (read-only) vault in the Cloud. Users can restore deleted email from the registry back into their Inboxes.

The Electronic Registry carries many benefits which can be enjoyed by businesses regardless of its size.These benefits include the following:

  • No upfront capital for archiving infrastructure
  • Unlimited Storage in the Cloud with Unlimited Retention periods.
  • More Storage available on the local Network – No longer need to store the email on the local network as it is already stored in the Registry Archive.  This frees up storage space on the company’s network and reduces the load on the Company’s email server.
  • Email Continuity – Users can continue to send and receive email even when their primary mail server is down.
  • Management of the corporate asset is automated and policy-driven rather than by some action (or inaction) by the end-user.


Protect your corporate assets by protecting your emails, you never know, being able to find that one email 10 years letter could literally help to either save you from or help you to win a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

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