Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Mobile Device Management

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In a world where business is being handled 24/7, it is impractical to conclude that all contact and transactions are taking place on one physical machine in one secure, physical location. It is also impractical for any business to purchase multiple devices for each employee that would enable them to conduct business anytime and anywhere.

However, any machine that will have access to sensitive information, such as extensive contact information for employees, detailed email exchanges, and file syncing and sharing services, needs to be secured in the same way as the machines physically located within the office. Each and every device needs to be backed up and scanned by an anti-virus routinely to avoid loss of data or productivity from downtime, but if left unsecured, all security procedures are negated. Jamaican IT Security provider, InfoExchange, provides mobile device management (MDM) with three key benefits:

  1. Enable Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – It seems like nothing makes an employee happier than being able to use their personal communications device for business, allowing them to eliminate the juggling act of multiple devices. Many employees even increase their productivity, all while maintaining the necessary security and compliance with a mobile device management product.  

  2. MDMs also enforce security practices such as multi-factor authentication, password rules, and the specific type of encryption that your business uses. This means that new and existing rules can be pushed to all devices at one time, eliminating any gaps during security and compliance changes.

  3. MDMs reduce the possibility for malware and ransomware attacks by controlling access to files and applications. Each employee only accesses the files and applications that their position needs and can even be encrypted during access.

Mobile device management is best suited to companies that are risk averse or large corporations with multiple types and large quantities of sensitive data. There are multiple options available, and Info Exchange, a Jamaican IT Security provider, wants to provide you with the industry-leading solution that is right for your business. We will work with you to determine how much visibility your administrators need to see where access is occurring, how to handle access for past and future employees, and a simple, cloud-based installation process can have all mobile devices managed in minimal time. For more information on which mobile device management solution is right to secure important information for your business, contact us through our online contact form, email, or call (876)931-9552 on this and other services offered.

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