Protecting Your Business from Malicious Email

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According to an Intel Security study, 97 percent of people around the world cannot identify a sophisticated phishing email, and typically, one in 10 users will click on the URL in a malicious email. This bit of statistic takes on greater importance with the recent report from the Jamaican Government that a malicious email pretending to be from the Jamaican Government is currently in circulation.

Due to this and the increasing number of malicious email threats, the Jamaican Government is cautioning people to be particularly cautious when opening email. This particular email appears to have a “” address and contains malware downloaded via an embedded URL.

Over the past two years, there has been a dramatic increase in business email scams, and it is critical that businesses check with their Jamaican business email provider to ensure that a comprehensive and layered defence system is in place to protect their corporate information and sensitive customer data. Info Exchange’s MAILEssentials could mean the difference between secure and stolen data and is one of the few solutions available with a targeted URL Defence System

Predictive analysis, advanced malware detection, and real-time dynamic analysis all come together in Info Exchange’s MAILEssentials URL Defence System, which is specifically designed to eliminate malicious email threats aimed at medium to small enterprises. This URL Defence System works by determining the likelihood that a URL received via email would be malicious based on a specific user or users’ behavioural history and a cloud-based model that takes into account search history, Alexa ranking, IP block reputation, and more.

By doing this, the system is able to identify malicious URLs or threats before users click on them.  

This real-time dynamic analysis enables security controls to persist, even if users are off the corporate network and bypassing on-premise security controls. Regardless of where the email is being read, the URL defence rewrites each URL so that when it is clicked, the URL will be sent through the Info Exchange servers for verification. This verification is important because many URLs are initially clean and hackers weaponise them over time.

A rise in sophisticated phishing emails means that employees can no longer be the first line of defence against email fraud. It is critical for the Jamaican businesses to prioritise and invest in a comprehensive and layered email security system, one with a URL defence system, to effectively block malicious email before it reaches employee inboxes. MAILEssentialsPlus’ predictive analysis, advanced malware detection, and real-time dynamic analysis accomplishes this goal. For more information about offered services, visit, email, or call (876)931-9552.

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