Preventing a Ransomware Infection

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The Locky Ransomware is here in Jamaica


 As you’re seeing in the news, ransomware is hitting an all-time high. The most recent one affecting Jamaica being the Locky ransomware virus.   Locky stands out because it is being used in some of the highest-volume cyber attack campaigns we have seen to date. These campaigns appear to be the work of the attackers behind many of the Dridex campaigns.

Info Exchange MAILEssentialsPlus protects organisations from Locky and many more advanced threats that target people, data and brands.


5 ways to defend against an Infection

  1. Use a best-of-breed advanced threat solution like Info Exchange’s MAILEssentialsPlus to detect ransomware delivered via email and social media.  It will also defend against attempts to run on a targeted endpoint.
  2. Regularly backup your system. This is the most reliable method for recovering infected systems.
  3. Backing up to the Cloud is better.  Cloud backups add a separate layer of protection for your on-premise systems.  Plus Cloud backups can contain multiple versions of your files, making it easier to retrieve files not yet infected.
  4. Utilise Info Exchange’s ShareSYNC solution. If several files get infected, corrupted or overridden with Info Exchange’s ShareSYNC you can perform a mass roll back of these items to a specific date and time.
  5. Avoid free decryption tools.  Most have no easy solution to many forms of ransomware. These tools will not save you in the event systems are encrypted by an attacker.

If you are infected with ransomware, don’t pay the attackers to recover your encrypted files. Even if the attackers keep their word and decrypt your data, there is no guarantee that they will not leave other forms of malware running on the system. This malware could carry out other crimes, like sending spam emails, launching DDoS attacks and stealing personal/financial data for use in online fraud and identity theft.

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