Next Generation Antivirus – Time for an Upgrade

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A lot has changed in Jamaican IT services since the first antivirus programs were created in 1987.

For these traditional antivirus programs, when malware is initially detected , its unique signature (or fingerprint) is identified and added to a database of ‘known malware’. The signatures within these databases are referenced each time an object is scanned – and if a match is found, then that object is blocked from use. While this approach worked well for many years, today's modern viruses have all but left these traditional AV programs helpless.

Research has shown, that the traditional antivirus solutions are often powerless against modern threats, often being unable to detect small malware, unknown malware and even malware-less attacks. Companies are now looking to next generation antivirus (NGAV) platforms, ones that can stop modern attacks, not just known malware. NGAV takes a system-centric view of endpoint security, examining every process on every endpoint to algorithmically detect and block the malicious tools, tactics, techniques and procedures on which attackers rely.

This fundamentally different approach to antivirus, however, calls for a significantly different approach evaluating competing solutions. If you are thinking about replacing your traditional AV system to an NGAV solution, there are six next-generation ‘must-have’ capabilities that your security provider should have.

1.  Protection from more than just malware attacks.

Malicious executables are not the only threat to a system. Exploited legitimate software, document-based attacks, and remote login attacks are also hazardous to system integrity and should be protected against.

2.  Cloud security intelligence and analytics.

A cloud backend allows for multiple inspection engines and community-based intelligence sharing to network beneficial data from other attacks.

3.  Ability to provide contextual information.

The antivirus should be able to detect the root cause and scope of the threat with guidance on how to recover the infected system and close the gap to prevent similar issues in the future.

4.  Rapid response.

Faster is better when it comes to quarantining an infected system, stopping network activity, blacklisting files from executing, and deleting malware throughout the business.

5.  Easy to administer.

The antivirus should require minimal resources, provide support for both Windows and Mac machines, deploy updates to endpoints effortlessly, and not inhibit the end user’s productivity.

6. Flexibility.

Each business has different systems that require different levels of protection. Whichever AV your business or organisation chooses, it should be able to adapt and grow with your needs over time.

The next-generation antivirus (NGAV) protects the entire system. It is designed to analyse and detect attack patterns in the long term, resulting in greater insight into malware attacks. NGAV better prevents malware, evaluates the context of an attack, provides increased understanding of an attack through context and visibility, and fixes attacks rather than just stopping them.

To have a fighting chance against today’s wide range of mass attacks, companies should move towards this new approach. If your company is ready to take the next step in Jamaican IT services and upgrade your end point security platform to next generation antivirus, contact Info Exchange at, email Or call (876)931-9552 for more information this and other services we offer.

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