Leveraging the ‘Power’ of the Modern Data Centre

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As more and more companies begin to understand that there is an intrinsic link between their growth and competitiveness and technological innovation, the immediate need to modernise their data centres is drawn into sharper focus. Info Exchange, leaders in Jamaican data centre management, stands at the ready to assist these companies to take advantage of the tremendous increases in speed, capacity, and savings that come with the transition to a modern data centre.

Regarded as the brain of an organisation where the most important processes are run and also referred to as the server room, the data centre has traditionally been seen as a complex capital and labour-intensive budget item. Companies that are straddled with the trappings of dated and high-maintenance technology in these centres are finding it difficult to adjust to the demands of doing business in today’s fast-paced world. Opportunities to expand and increase revenue streams are lost or significantly delayed, and the ability to meet the growing needs of customers is critically compromised by IT infrastructure that cannot keep up with the speed and volume of commerce in the digital era.

Equipped with the requisite experience, expertise, and resources, Info Exchange is a leading option for small and large companies seeking to break free from this legacy infrastructure by adopting new and flexible technology solutions that will enhance their competitive advantage. Consistent with its vision that the adoption of technology should ultimately focus on achieving customer outcomes by increasing efficiency and reducing complexity, Info Exchange is delivering the value of integrated solutions to the marketplace. By utilising an end-to-end approach to IT solutions, the company is able to provide its clients with data centre solutions that extract the full benefits of existing technologies while having the ability to seamlessly integrate with future advances.

The benefits that corporate clients will get from Info Exchange’s approach include increased IT speeds, the ability to gain important insights faster, agility, flexibility, and simplicity. Their modern data centre will reflect game-changing levels of performance and realise efficiencies and savings from innovation in software, computer networking, and storage technologies. Companies will no longer have to deal with the expense and complexity of buying, setting up, and managing data centre infrastructure that is often bloated with unnecessary components.

The modern data centre solutions deployed by Info Exchange through its strategic global partnerships are simpler to set up and can reduce an organisation’s power consumption and space requirements by up to 60%. Infrastructure costs are significantly reduced and companies can also record a reduction of up to 60% in overall capital and operational expenses related to their data centres.

This new data centre paradigm allows businesses to pay for what they use instead of over-provisioning, and its rapid scalability gives it the capacity to quickly meet growth demands without any hassle. At the heart of the modern data centre is simplicity and efficiency. This is realised through the automation of several processes and services which ultimately liberates IT staff from routine support duties and intensive maintenance. IT staff can then focus their attention on important business initiatives leading to innovation and corporate growth.

The hyperconverged infrastructure model, which brings together previously separate technology components into a neatly packaged solution, is one of several options that Info Exchange can use to create a modern data centre. This approach allows companies to better manage core on-premises infrastructure with less personnel while enjoying the benefits of cloud computing services from servers hosted on the Internet.

In today's world, IT is required to do so much more with less human, technical, and financial resources available. Leaders in Jamaican data centre management, Info Exchange, with its team of IT and business efficiency consultants, can assess the needs and circumstances of a company’s data centre and quickly determine the most effective way to introduce the many advantages of its data centre solution. The many business productivity benefits that will accrue will redound to the benefit of the company and reposition IT as a key enabler of business.

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