Innovation Starts From Within

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With the accelerated pace of change in the world of business, organizations need to innovate in order to remain relevant. Some tools for innovation you may need to source, others are already at your fingertips.

By Keimo Edwards


Innovate or Get Left Behind

Today, businesses are far more dependent on technology than in the past. And as we go into the future this dependency will only increase as more and more businesses use technology to interact with customers and stay ahead of competitors. Adapting to new technologies often plays a huge role in whether your business lives or dies, whether a customer buys your product or not.

Innovation and technological advancements will decide if your competitor tops you or not. Everyone knows of cases such as Blackberry, Blockbuster, and Nokia- these brands are no longer around simply because they were slow to innovate and adopt new technology. Their customers’ needs grew beyond what they were offering. If you don’t focus on innovation, this could be your business.

Consumer demand drives market changes, but technology is what is responsible for accelerating them. Technology is changing at a rate that can only be compared to the fluctuations of the Jamaican dollar. So you may be wondering, how does a business focus on business and keep up with the rate of constant change?

Technology Has Changed The Way We Innovate

To answer that question, let us take a quick look back in time. Technology, at one time, was very capital intensive and complex. The legacy data centre, for example, was complicated and required specialists in each section- a server guy, a storage guy, and a network guy. Typically, these specialists lost many a night and weekend, trying to fix some issue or the other with the data centre.

Today, complex legacy infrastructure has been replaced with intelligent cloud- based systems that streamline IT operations and delivers them on a single platform. With this simplified approach, you no longer need several specialists to keep your infrastructure going. Your  team now has room to focus on what matter most –  innovation. 

You Already Have The Recources To Innovate

Let me let you in on a little secret, you already have the resources to innovate. He/she is probably plugging in someone’s computer right now. Yes, the secret is your underutilized human assets. Don’t believe me? Put it to the test. Think of a challenge you are facing, not directly technology related, and ask your IT Team to come up with a solution and see what happens. 

Your IT department has the drive and passion to add value to your business if given the opportunity. Rather than spending their time putting out fires-scampering to fix emails, turning on projectors and connecting PC power cords, they should be solving operational and business problems like speeding up processes, creating new products, and developing new business and distribution channels.

Taking your business to the next level requires innovation. Embrace it!


Keimo Edwards is an Account Manager at Info Exchange Ltd

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