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Never be at a loss for a password again – use one set of credentials to access all your web Apps/Sites with Info Exchange’s ConnectID Identity Access Management (IAM) Solution.

ConnectID enables IT Managers to simply and easily apply company level security policies to all apps/sites from one centralised location.  From there, users can be added or deleted, and limits can be set for what employees can see and do with any App without modifying the application backend in any way.

The newly appointed Marketing and Sales Manager for an ABC Insurance Company, Lisa Anderson, has inherited an issue that is severely hampering her team’s ability to succeed. Lisa is responsible for approximately 17 persons in her department, with the core responsibility of managing the requests that come through social media – Facebook and Twitter.  40% of the company’s core business is online based, as they receive over 300 quotation requests through Facebook, twitter and their online quote request form each 24 hour.

Apart from the social media apps, the team accesses another 10 to 12 applications to carry out their tasks.  Lisa is challenged to remember the user name and passwords for all these applications, as often she is called upon to use them from varying devices at different times of the day. Plus, from time to time team members forget their credentials and not only are they locked out, but the entire team is locked out of the application and credentials have to be reset. Lisa is very frustrated as she is unsure as to what the new passwords are each time they have to be reset.

This poses a major challenge that is severely compromising the department’s response times and overall performance. Quotations are being sent late and customers are starting to respond negatively to the long turnaround time on ABC Insurance’s Social Media sites. This has ultimately caused a drop in new business sales.

Lisa’s story,  is a real problem which is faced by many in business today. IT managers struggle with how to control the use of company’s IT resources, and also how to assist team members in keeping their online credentials secure, yet easily accessible.  There is an easy solution to this problem, and it’s called Single Sign On, a feature of Info Exchange’s ConnectID product.

ConnectID, is an enterprise level Identity Access Management System (IAM),  that centralizes user access to all web applications.  Through its Single Sign-On (SSO) feature users sign in once through a web portal, which shows the apps and sites that they’ve been approve to access.  Once in, they don’t have to present user names or passwords to access these apps/sites.  So now Lisa and her team will only have to remember one set of credentials (username and password) to access their numerous apps.  From a User perspective this is very often a life saver.

With support for all major browsers —including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as apps for both iOS and Android, users like Lisa will never again be challenged with password issues, no matter the device they are using.

From a management perspective it is an absolute dream.  IT Managers will love this solution as it enables them to simply and easily apply company level security policies to all apps and sites that staff employs without any interference  to the user.    Not only does ConnectID make it easy for IT to enforce strong password policies, and prevent password leaks, it can also limit what employee can see and do with any App.   Plus, user access to any page, tab, link, button or menu option can be managed without modifying the application backend in any way.  Additionally, when the normal ebb and flow of staff, ConnectID enables IT staff to easily add and delete users from one centralized location.

Companies will see an increase in productivity with ConnectID’s integrated self-service password reset workflow. Password related calls to IT Help Desks will reduce dramatically.

Jump 3 months into the future after ConnectID and we check back in with Lisa Anderson and the marketing department, they are now back up to 98% closing rate, timely responses on social media and quotation turnaround time has been reduced from 24 hours to 30 minutes.  Lisa can effectively now monitor all online concerns and sales opportunity from her desk and delegate each lead appropriately. She is spending more time on what is important to her department and the company. Online browsing on company time has been eliminated completely as employees are now denied access to non-company sites.





If you are facing this issue or a similar one then call Info Exchange today at 876-931-9552 or email us and speak to one of our representatives to find your unique solution.

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