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Do you have locations all over the island or even the world? Do you have suppliers in Singapore or the United States? Do you need to have meetings with these individuals frequently ? Are you spending millions of dollars each year on travel expenses to get employees, consultants or suppliers to meet in a particular location to exchange ideas, make plans and strategise? Then we have a solution for you!

In business, effective communication is essential to the success of that organisation. With day to day calls, emails, meetings, seminars and conferences, organisations spend millions of dollars each year to host or attend meetings at home and abroad. The drawback with having communication on a linear playing field is that you risk having information not being past on effectively. It is a fact that 93% of communication is non verbal and with each phone call you run the very present risk that your information will be lost in translation.

Imagine a conference call to your supplier in China, trying to put in a big order for your busy season. There are five branches scattered over the island and you need to have managers from each branch along with your Chinese supplier on one phone call. There are so many things that can possible go wrong in that one call for example Dropped Calls. Which is something we all should know by now can be very frustrating for all parties involved and will cause a break in the meeting and hinder effective communication. Another issue is, Low Call Quality, it can be very tedious to get through a call with having to continuously ask persons to repeat their last point or due to the interruption just plain missing key information. Unreliable Devices is probably by far the most inconveniencing, as technical difficulties is no excuse for a poor meeting experience and essentially wasting the valuable time of your employees and suppliers. Overall, you risk an effective decision making process.

These are just a few of the things that can possible go wrong on a typical Conference Call, but what is apparent is that you will risk productivity and time if you conduct business on this level in todays business arena. HD Video Conferencing as-a- service (VCaas) will reduce your risk of damaging your productivity and efficiency. With face-to-face communication most of your major challenges with communication will be minimised or eliminated all together in some cases. Now more than ever workers want, and expect this kind of interaction and they want a seat at the meeting.

With the New Paradigm of business communication your business will be able to access video information anytime and from anywhere. On a daily basis VCaaS will allow you to connect staff and eliminate travel costs, bring experts for consultation or training at a convenient time to all parties involved, make presentations to overseas vendors or customers and receive information at any time or place. Now this is the kind of convenience and productivity one should invest in.

An increase in productivity and efficiency is always beneficial to any organisation the ability to reduce costs, structure meetings, allowing for shorter meeting times, optimism attendance due to eliminating travel time and cost, faster responses and immediate information exchange.

How does it work? HD VCaas is a fast and scalable cloud deployment model that runs on devices you are already using, like computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices and HD TVs , bringing HD quality video and content to every participant. It is a simple one Click-to-connect, the ability to have Multi participant conferences for training or meeting events now becomes a thing of the present along with, unlimited number of participants, Public & Private Text Chat, Application & desktop sharing it Supports Windows, Mac and Linux computers and select virtual environments. There are Dual Screen Multipoint video and you are able to view content shared by other participants. Not to mention, share documents, presentations, spreadsheets from email attachments, browser downloads and cloud storage and finally switch between multiple streams of shared content.

Call Info Exchange today for access HD Video Conferencing as-a-Service for your organisation at 876-931-9552 or email us at mybusiness@infoexchange.com.

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