Backup + Restore - Online vs Tape: SECURITY

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Is Data Security important to your Business?

Of course it is! But really how important is your data to your business?  Can your business operate without access to information for a day…hours…or minutes? Do you worry about others gaining access to this data?  Do you want to take a risk with not being able to safely restore your data?  With this in mind, is Cloud backup or tape your solution?

The majority of companies want to ensure that their critical business data is protected and not accessible to others. With portable media, the tapes or disks themselves can be secure, however, their security greatly depends on whether or not they are taken off-site. If not, your data will still be susceptible to natural disasters and theft. If the media is moved to a secure facility, there still remains a risk of damage during transport. Online backup provides a virtually risk-free method for protecting important business data. DataVAULT Online Backup and Recovery from Info Exchange safeguards data by packaging files using an advanced technology.

 Next, each data file is encrypted using a unique 256-bit encryption key that you choose to ensure that files cannot be accessed by others. For added security, each encrypted file is sent over the Internet via a secure channel using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which is the same Internet transmission technology that is used for online banking and credit card applications. The data resides in two military-grade data centres located hundreds of miles apart from each other. Each data centre has 24/7 monitoring, advanced security technology such as biometric access controls, backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.


When you compare factors such as reliability, cost, ease-of-use and data security, it becomes clear to see that the benefits of online data backup are far superior to portable media backup. Businesses today can protect themselves by protecting their critical data. DataVAULT Online Backup + Recovery offers an industry-leading online backup solution, which can safeguard organizations of any size.

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