Backup + Restore – Online vs Tape: EASE OF USE

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Ease-of-use is one factor to consider when choosing a backup solution. With online backup, setting up the solution involves the simple process of signing up online and installing a small client on the computer or server. Within minutes, you can begin backing up files.

Portable media backup can be more labor-intensive as hardware and/or software must be manually configured. This setup process can take several hours or even days to complete depending upon the size of the organisation. Backing up to the portable drive can become time-consuming and impractical. The data will have to get uploaded every day manually and then moved offsite to a secure location. With an online backup solution, the backup is performed via an internet connection and no daily maintenance is required. 

Info Exchange’s DataVAULT Online Backup + Recovery is completely automated and the service includes the necessary software as well as free technical support. One disadvantage to online backup is the time it will take to upload the first full backup, however, once the software is properly configured, backups will occur automatically on a schedule you set up.

Fortunately, with today’s advancement in Internet connection speed and inexpensive bandwidth, the time it takes to initially backup has improved. Subsequent to the first full backup it will only upload any new or modified files. With portable media backup, full manual backups are necessary each night if any new files were added or changed during the day. Moreover, as your company grows, your data will grow. You may have to catalogue endless CDs or change tapes in the middle of a data backup if you run out of space. With online backup, you can never run out of storage space. Your online storage account can grow with it automatically.

If it becomes necessary to restore files, the process greatly differs between online backup and portable media backup. Firstly, online backup allows users to recover their files at any time from any location. No special hardware or labour is required. The recovery procedure is not only easy and efficient, but it is also much faster than portable media backup. This has become a major reason that organizations are making the switch. Most portable media solutions require trained professionals to perform the file restoration. If the tapes or disks are stored off-site, the company must also wait for them to be delivered. Once returned, the trained professionals may have to spend a significant amount of time, days to weeks, restoring the files. This downtime can suspend business operations and cause major financial quandaries. Online backup can restore files and have the business up and running again within a few hours.

Online Backup + Restore is truly the Worry-Free solution, particularly for the budget conscious company. For Clean backup and cleaner restores think DataVAULT. Our military grade data encryption keeps data safe wherever it is. With DataVAULT, data is stored on state-of-the-art files servers in SSAE 16-certified, mirrored data centres located thousands of miles apart. Our facilities are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators and redundant connections to the Internet.

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