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Easy-to-understand options that are affordable and just work well. All the time. That’s the business leader’s ideal situation. And we know that this is also what you expect from your productivity apps such as the Office 365.

We won’t kid ourselves, we know you can get O365 anywhere but we’ve got a few reasons you should buy it from us - which we think you will agree with.

  • Our price is competitive

    We ensure that you have what you need at a price that makes sense for your business, always have.
  • Get all the Apps you want

    We put no limits on how far your business can go, and, as your Certified Microsoft Partner, we can deliver the apps you need to soar.

  • 99.999%. Up-time

    Our SLA for email up time is unbeatable. Our five 9’s guarantee translates to 5 minutes of downtime annually… including scheduled events.    
  • Local Support

    Even better than all that is you have local support to troubleshoot.
  • Complete Email Defense

Zero Hour ImageYou already know that Info Exchange’s MAILEssentials is the most comprehensive and robust defense against email threats. You may not know however that it comes with our O365 offering, because we take the protection of your data very seriously. We load up on security with features such as Zero Hour Outbreak, Intelligent Content Filtering, and Email Spooling. Plus features such as unlimited cloud archiving and data loss prevention can be implemented as the need arises.    


Click here for an O365 comparison chart, which shows the important features of various offers all in one place. In just one sitting 

you can analyse and have the confidence that you are making a sound decision when you opt to get your Office 365 apps from Info Exchange. 

Compare and see how we stack up.  Then give us a call (876)931-9552 so we can ensure you get the best O365 experience - the Info Exchange way.

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