Barbados Video Conferencing

Barbados has spent the last few years increasing their business compatibility with the rest of the developing world. As home to a dynamic international business and financial services sector, Barbados has generated knowledge-based jobs, high levels of professionalism, and service excellence to over 4,000 international business entities. Two of the largest fields represented are international business and financial services, and both are well-known for having a high percentage of remote workers. Remote workers could be just down the street or in an entirely different country making communication between employees difficult. Communication is key to a business’s success, and Info Exchange wants to help your company succeed by bringing employees together with Barbados video conferencing.

The cloud-based service offers HD-quality video and content at the best quality-to-price ratio currently available. Affordability and accessibility create compatibility between businesses and their clients. Our video conferencing software is compatible with any desktop or mobile device on any network without additional hardware. It is also compatible with the Microsoft Outlook toolbar to allow conference participants to be invited from Office 365 or through the Info Exchange Video Portal without managing a separate set of contacts. Depending on the conversation, individual or group conferences are available without reservations with just one click when started from the “Presence” status within the portal. It is also compatible with application and desktop sharing access for an easier exchange of ideas. Customer service support is available during implementation and user training in case there are difficulties transitioning to the software. 

Software compatibility is essential to a smooth transition for any new method of communication. Communication is key to a successful business, and all businesses should have high-definition video conference tools that are secure and affordable.  Info Exchange is proud to be able to offer Barbados video conferencing in addition to world-class IT solutions and premium customer service. We have spent 20 years acquiring and implementing superior technical knowledge to make us the ideal choice for all your technical needs. For more information on any of our offerings, reach out to us through our online contact form or by phone at (876) 931-9552.