Protect Sensitive Data with Layered Security

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Malwarebytes released their “State of Malware” report for 2016 which included nearly one billion malware detections from nearly one million consumer and corporate Windows and Android devices from all over the world.

Over the 10-month span from January to November 2016, ransomware has moved to the most common form of malware, increasing from 18% to 66% of attacks. This comes as no surprise when ransomware service solutions can be purchased for as little as US$39 -- and they work. Files are encrypted with an algorithm nearly impossible to break, and the options are to pay the ransom or lose the files, and most of those affected pay the ransom. This begs the question; how can sensitive information be protected when there are so many options available to compromise it? True security requires a layered approach, and Info Exchange offers five security tips for companies to help secure them from cyber attacks. 

  1. Move up to a Next Generation Anti-Virus solution that’s proven to block fileless attacks even unknown viruses.

  2. Use the most secure passwords possible, combined with two-step verification, to decrease the likelihood of password cracking. Setting up recovery emails allows an option for recovering an already-compromised email account.

  3. Manage installed programs. If you don’t need it, don’t install it. Remove unneeded programs from your machine regularly, and update all programs that are in use.

  4. JavaScript can contain embedded malicious code. Use a browser extension designed for your browser of choice that only allows JavaScript to run when you allow it to.

  5. Ensure the security of all hardware on the network. Change all passwords from the manufacturer default to strong passwords, encrypt all connections to and from the network, and change the router’s default DNS address to one that will filter out malicious web page requests. These are a great first level of defence.

These different security measures taken to each layer of network security increase the difficulty in gaining access to sensitive information and decrease the likelihood that a malware attack of any kind will actually penetrate the system. Info Exchange is ready to improve network security for Jamaican business, as well as the network security of our Caribbean neighbours, with a multi-layered approach unsurpassed by the competition. For details on all the network security services we offer, contact us at, email, or call (876)931-9552 for more information on this and other services offered.

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