Is your Antivirus System Outdated?

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According to Ving, a corporate communication tool, email is the preferred communication method of 74% of all online adults, resulting in eight million emails being sent every second.

Of those eight million, a typical corporate user sends and receives approximately 110 messages per day. That’s 110 opportunities every day where corporate information is vulnerable via email.

Cyber criminals have targeted emails as a means to penetrate a company’s defences because of the proliferation of email and the relative ease to breach regular email security. This is particularly true for SMEs who, with limited budgets, find it difficult to keep abreast of the frequent and fast paced pivots by cyber criminals. This makes them particularly vulnerable against advanced, persistent threats. The reality is that the traditional antivirus software that has kept us safe for many years, and that we all trusted to work, is just not enough anymore. It’s time for security-conscious Jamaican businesses to consider next-generation antivirus to protect their business from attacks.

David Allen, Info Exchange Founder and CEO, explains that traditional antivirus now stops less than 50% of cyber attacks because it only blacklists, or blocks, known behaviours or signatures. No blacklisting approach is fast enough to keep up with the 4,000 new malevolent signatures being created every day. The best approach is to instead whitelist, or approve, only known applications. It is easier to protect users and reduce the vulnerability of their business by only allowing “good” applications to run, and this is the main function of next-generation antivirus. When NGAV knows how “good” applications are supposed to behave, then any application behaving outside of the known behaviour will raise a red flag. The suspected file will then be quarantined for review and then either cleaned or removed based on the result of the review.

It's time to stop and re-think how corporations are protecting their infrastructure from malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats. The antivirus of 1987 won’t stop the issues of 2017. It’s time to upgrade your defences to a next-generation anti-virus (NGAV). Info Exchange is prepared to guide corporations through the transition to NGAV. Contact Info Exchange at, email, or call (876)931-9552 for more information on this and other services we offer.

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