Communication is Key to Business Success

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For companies to succeed, the entire team must be able to communicate with each other, potential clients, and the world clearly and effectively. The best leaders motivate, inspire, and even discipline with direct communication.

Market leaders sell products and services with compelling ads and marketing campaigns that clearly communicate their desires as a business. A company that has worked to have a strong communication system responds more quickly and effectively to customer requests creating a distinct competitive advantage. For companies struggling with focused and efficient communication, Info Exchange offers Jamaica managed IT services with a variety of communication and collaboration tools to make communication seamless throughout the entire organisation, including enterprise-level secure email, archiving, encryption, and video conferencing.

Enterprise Level Secure Email

Email is the most common form of communication between companies and their clients. It serves as an information repository, storing decisions made and contracts approved as well as combining calendars, contacts, employment information, and much more. To be protected from advanced persistent threats, businesses need secure email functions including spam and virus protection. Beyond that, secure email needs built-in, enhanced features like URL defence, attachment defence, and protection against file-less attacks like social engineering and whaling. Reliability is key, and Info Exchange offers 99.999% uptime.

Email Archiving

Archiving email is the best way to preserve information, assure compliance, and speed up electronic searches. A fast, scalable, and, most importantly, secure option captures all inbound and outbound emails and makes it simple to search, filter, tag, and recover any email. That critical email is always just a few keyboard taps away.

Email Encryption

Email encryption ensures that confidential communication remains confidential. Content and attachments are scanned before being sent to detect whether the message warrants encryption. All the privacy policies are set in the organisation through a web-based administration console. It includes analytics tools to provide summary diagrams and searchable reports of all encrypted email and attachments. It also comes with a selection of commonly used rules to make getting started even easier.

Video Conferencing

Face to face communication improves collaboration between organisation team members and their clients. HD-quality video and content is available on the devices already being used – from smartphones to tablets, desktops to video room systems. Video conferencing supports one-to-one and multiple-participant conferences as well as application and desktop sharing features.

Communication impacts everyone who works at an organisation, improves teamwork, and helps further an organisation’s mission. If your organisation could use some help creating secure communication channels, Info Exchange is a Jamaican IT managed services provider that is ready to help. Contact Info Exchange at, email, or call (876)931-9552 for more information on this and other services offered.

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